DTotD: Goalkeeper banned four years for viciously kicking opponent in the head

A series of bad decisions has resulted in a goalkeeper receiving a four-year ban from the Chilean Football Association after he brutally kicked an opponent in the head during a third division match. The reason Claudio Abarca kicked Diego Diaz in the head, breaking his jaw in the process, is because Diaz decided to punch him in the balls.

Now, punching people in the balls is a bad idea no matter what the circumstances, but it’s especially bad when you’re already lying on the ground. You don’t want to royally piss someone off while you’re already in that much of a vulnerable position. That doesn’t excuse Abarca for his overzealous retaliation, but it does explain it.

Abarca was arrested by police right then and there. According to ESPN FC, he had to spend a night in jail. Diaz, meanwhile, was taken away on a stretcher and treated at a hospital for his broken jaw.

As awful as this situation was, hopefully it taught these two men that ball punches and head kicks are not good things to do.

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events. 

Old Trafford pitch invader allowed to run free, touch Zlatan’s hair

An unidentified man came out of the stands and onto the pitch in the 67th minute of Man United 1-0 Europa League win against Zorya. The man wore a full Manchester United kit to try and blend in with the players, but his touches of the ball quickly betrayed that image. Astonishingly, he was still allowed to run around until the end of the match.

After the final whistle, goal scorer Zlatan Ibrahimovic let the clearly envious man touch his hair.

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Claudio Ranieri has framed pictures of every Premier League manager in his office for some reason

In Claudio Ranieri’s office and he’s got pics of all the PL managers. First one off the wall?

A photo posted by Gary Lineker (@garylineker) on

It takes a unique manager to pull off a Premier League title with Leicester City and Claudio Ranieri — with his pizza rewards and made-up words — is certainly that. So it should come as no surprise that the decor in his office is unusual to say the least.

Thanks to Gary Lineker’s Instagram, we now know that Ranieri has framed pictures of every Premier League manager in his office. This is weird. Of course, Jose Mourinho has pictures of Arsene Wenger and Rafa Benitez in his office, but those are on dartboards. These are nicely hung artistic black and white photographs. They convey a respect for his colleagues that they would likely find unnerving.

It makes you wonder if he uses them for some sort of pre-match voodoo ritual or if he sends pictures of him with the photos to his next opponent in order to get in their head and make them think he’s some sort of stalker. Whatever the case, it’s gotten me thinking and my picture isn’t even on his wall.

Sam Allardyce’s guide to remaining undefeated as England manager

This is a follow-up to “Sam Allardyce’s guide to being England manager.” But this guide has been written by Big Sam himself. 

There are three certainties in life: Death, taxes, and England managers getting sacked for disgracing the nation. I knew that going into the job and I was smart enough to work the system so that I would go down as England’s only undefeated manager ever. Here’s how I did it…

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James Corden takes charge of Arsenal for a day, teaches them things Arsene Wenger hasn’t

If you’re wondering how Arsenal were finally able to beat Chelsea, I think we have the answer in this video. During the club’s preseason visit to the U.S., James Corden took charge of the squad for a day and brought some new ideas to the table — something they haven’t had in a while given Arsene Wenger’s long tenure.

Following a bus ride that included a sing-a-long and a tour of the many Los Angeles locations with a connection to David Schwimmer, Cordon taught the players some new football skills and celebrations. I’m disappointed the lawnmower hasn’t made an appearance yet this season.