Spanish club unveils blueberry and strawberry themed kits

(CD Pinzon)
(CD Pinzon)

The trend of garish food themed kits in the Spanish lower division continues with CD Pinzon’s strawberry and blueberry shirts. Like other Spanish food kits we’ve seen, these represent the region’s agricultural output. Sadly, they do not seem to be scratch and sniff. I mean, you could scratch and sniff them, but they’ll just smell like body odor instead of fruit.

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Pep Guardiola has adorable conversation with young Man City fan in a taxi

This is spectacular. Pep Guardiola surprised Man City fan Braydon (and I mean absolutely blew the kid’s mind) by going on a taxi ride with him and the result is YouTube gold.

Braydon informed Guardiola of the dreary Manchester weather he would have to get used to, complemented the new manager’s summer signings, and suggested Pep call Leo Messi to see if he’d want to make a move.

Finally, Braydon told Guardiola, “Since you don’t have many friends in Manchester, whenever you need a friend, come to my house for tea.” And that’s when you will melt into a puddle of warm goo. Enjoy.

Spain’s new coach fainted on television while covering the 2006 World Cup

Spain announced that Julen Lopetegui will replace Vicente Del Bosque as manager of the national team. Lopetegui isn’t the highest profile Spanish coach out there, but he led the nation’s U-19s to a European Championship in 2012 and the U-21s to a European Championship in 2013 before taking charge of Porto for two years.

This is an impressive rise for the former goalkeeper, who became something of a meme in Spain when he passed out on television 10 years ago while covering the 2006 World Cup. And if that’s what happens to him just when he’s talking about the World Cup, I hope the team’s physios are at his side come 2018.

Inter’s Stevan Jovetic scores with backheel nutmeg to beat Real Salt Lake

With the score even at 1-1 late in Inter’s friendly against Real Salt Lake, Steven Jovetic unleashed a finishing move that even the creators of Mortal Kombat would deem too cruel.

Jovetic, a man who has now proven himself to have absolutely no chill, executed a backheel nutmeg on the goalkeeper to give Inter a 2-1 win.

Again, this was just a friendly, but Jovetic is now the owner of Real Salt Lake and all the players are legally obligated to call him “Daddy.”