Jurgen Klopp celebrates Borussia Dortmund moving out of last place like the mad man he is

Borussia Dortmund broke a three-match winless streak with a 1-0 home win against Hoffenheim to move out of last place in the Bundesliga and manager Jurgen Klopp celebrated as if he just helped free a killer whale from captivity in a Disney film.

Thought it is still early in the season, it’s been a tense period for Klopp in which some of started asking questions as to whether it’s time for him to go. This win could prove to be a turning point in Dortmund’s fortunes this season, though. And judging by his reaction to the match’s only goal in the 17th minute, it seems he might think that it will be.

First, here’s how Klopp looked before the match…

Subdued, weak, staring into the abyss. This is the face of a man who is considering eating his weight in chocolate during the winter break.

And here he is after Ilkay Gundogan scored his goal…

That’s a demon trying to punch his way out of hell.

“Thank you Zlatan, God of Scoring, for gracing us with this wonderful goal!”



“This is even better than the time I saw Britney Spears and NSYNC in concert together.”



  1. Shiri says:

    According to Pepe Reina’s twitter, Bayern Munich had their Christmas Party today. You MUST find pictures and share with us–it’s bound to be at least 45% as wonderful as their Oktoberfest celebration

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