Sergio Ramos claims Real Madrid are “God’s team,” Zlatan likely disagrees

Though Real Madrid might appear to be overwhelming favorites to beat San Lorenzo in the Club World Cup final, the South American champions seem to have divine intervention on their side. Ever since San Lorenzo supporter Jorge Bergoglio became Pope Francis, they can’t stop winning trophies. First they won Argentina’s Primeria Division, then they won Copa Libertadores for the first time in the club’s history.

Now San Lorenzo face arguably the strongest team in the world, putting the Pope’s holy influence to the test. And at a press conference ahead of the match, Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos has attempted to one-up them (and everyone else).

From Marca:

“If we make history or not depends on the titles and records we win. Real Madrid is God’s team and the world’s. We are living a splendid and unique moment. We are all happy with Ancelotti, who is a very important part of why we are achieving what we are achieving. Time will tell how far we are able to take it.”

There are a lot of people who would dispute the assertion that Real Madrid are the world’s team, but one in particular who would dispute that they are God’s.

“Real Madrid are God’s team?” Zlatan Ibrahimovic would say. “I play for PSG. There are at least seven clubs I like more than Real Madrid. At least.”


  1. Ariel Paulo says:

    Among the biggest CWC winners (recent or not) m-o-r-e South American clubs (3) than European ones (2) clinched a maximum 3 WC titles: Milan (1969, 1989 e 1990), Real Madrid (1960, 1998 e 2002); Peñarol (1961, 1966 e 1982), Boca Juniors (1977, 2000, 2003), Nacional (1971, 1980 e 1988). Among those privileged clubs m-o-r-e SA titles happened since 2000. Even though Europe press every day boasted an ‘overhelming superiorty’ of their teams. In the OVERALL record however since 1960 Europe leads by a meager 1 (one) title – or since 2000 by scarce 2. In this WHOLE period (53 years) that represents a huge SA victory considering that billions of dollars, pounds, lirae & francs were pounded into Euro teams. What only shows – in spite of more than 50 years of E-u-r-o-p-e-a-n ‘papacy’ – that that ‘overwhelming superiority’ didn’t work as much as they hoped. And I’m not even citing the best CWC team EVER – Pelé’s Santos of 62 and 63 (!!!). With ‘pope’ or not a San Lorenzo win today wouldn’t represent for us ‘down here’ (lol) a big surprise at all ;)…

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