Here’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic dressed as a snow ninja

Zlatan Ibrahimovic took time out of his conquering of the Swedish mountain tops to wish his fans a happy new year with a photo of himself dressed as a snow ninja posted to his Instagram account.

“I wish you all a happy new year! Greetings from the Swedish mountains at it’s most beautiful. And at it’s coldest. #2015#happynewyear,” says Zlatan as he casually leans against a snow covered rock, presumably after kicking the mountain to demonstrate his dominance of it.

So, just know that Zlatan is out there, dressed in an all black snowsuit and showing the world’s mountains who’s boss (hint: It’s Zlatan).


  1. Uncle Rifle says:

    Surely a “snow ninja” would be dressed in white?! Unless it’s to give his opponents a sporting chance? (Courtesy of the missus)

    • Brooks Peck says:

      Yes, Zlatan is, after all, a sportsman. And he knows the paralyzing fear of seeing him coming is a far better advantage than stealth.

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