Manuel Neuer is apparently omnipotent in FIFA 15

Manuel Neuer has made it his mission to prove to the world that he can do whatever he pleases on the pitch, but as good as he is in real life, he seems to be on another level in FIFA 15.

The video above, posted by EA Sports on the FIFA Facebook page, reveals Neuer to be some sort of cross between Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the real Manuel Neuer and Captain Tsubasa. First, we see Neuer score with a free kick from distance off the post. Then he scores with a backheel and finally, he serves as a brick wall in goal (though the last shot of the video does appear to hit the crossbar).

With a 90 rating, Neuer is ranked as the fifth best player in the game behind Messi, Ronaldo, Robben and Zlatan (in that order). He does, however, have a weak foot rating of four out of five stars. Messi has three and Robben has two.

If video game characters could win the Ballon d’Or FIFA 15 Neuer would be a lock.

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