Sergio Ramos cements his long-standing love of Michael Jackson with an arm tattoo

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Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos already has a tattoo of the World Cup trophy on one leg and the Champions League trophy on the other, so the next logical step was, of course, to get a Michael Jackson tattoo on his arm. And so he has now done just that. Though it might make Mohamed Al Fayed’s Michael Jackson statue seem reasonable by comparison, this has been a long time in the making for The Ramos. He has previously designed a Michael Jackson T-shirt that doesn’t make a ton of sense…


And he’s visited the singer’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame… sergiomj He’s even attempted to do the moonwalk on Real Madrid’s team plane… Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney’s eldest son, Kai, is giving Ramos a run for the title of MJ’s biggest (or at least most nimble) fan…

Our entertainment for the night! Haha

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