DTotD: Philippe Mexes sent off for freaking out and choking Lazio players

Milan defender Philippe Mexes completely lost his mind near the end of his side’s 3-1 loss at Lazio, choking both Stefano Mauri and Lorik Cana. Mexes was shown a straight red and will likely face a long ban for grabbing the neck of Mauri, who was also booked as a result of the ensuing melee.

Grabbing the neck of one opponent (twice) wasn’t enough for Mexes, though. So he went for the double by going after Cana, as well.

After the match, Mexes issued a public apology (to everyone except the guys he choked). From Football Italia:

“I am here to take responsibility, which is only right when you make a mistake,” said Mexes on Sky Sport Italia.

“First of all I apologise to the club, to my teammates and the fans because this is behaviour that has happened more than once in my career.

“I cannot accept the reaction I had. I didn’t do much on the field, but after the red I reacted in completely the wrong way.

“I have four kids, so I know this is not the right example to set as a father or as a player. I am aware of that sense of responsibility and I apologise.

“I have no excuses, as it’s a football match and you cannot behave like that. I take responsibility and promise it won’t happen again. It was my fault, that’s all.”

Maybe Cristiano Ronaldo will send Mexes a free pair of underpants for making his actions earlier in the day look reasonable by comparison.

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events. 

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