Waiting for a ride home from school with Lionel Messi

I can’t believe Mr. Martino gave us so much homework. Now I’m not going to have enough time to finish putting together my Lego Elves Treetop Hideaway tonight.

I hope mom gets here quick. I told Javier I’d play a quick game of FIFA against him as soon as I get home and have a pizza bagel.

I hope she didn’t forget.

She definitely forgot.

“I’m OK, Mr. Martino. My mom should be here any minute now. She’s probably just running late.”

Maybe I should try to walk home. It’s pretty far, though. She’s going to feel so bad when she pulls up and sees me sitting here all alone. Maybe she’ll buy me Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship to make up for it!

Is that her?! No…it’s not.

It’s going to get dark soon.

Is that her?? … No.

Maybe now they’ll let me have a phone. Carlos Tevez’s parents let him have one. I’m never going to finish the Treetop Hideaway now.


  1. The Caretaker says:

    There is no doubt that he looks like a lost child in this pics and no doubt he is dreaming of all the Legos he and Tiago will be able to do soon.

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