Celta Vigo player sent off for throwing grass at Sergio Busquets


With Barcelona up 1-0 late in their match against Celta Vigo, Sergio Busquets took his sweet time preparing to take a free kick. Celta’s Fabian Orellana did not appreciate what he perceived to be Busquets wasting time, so he picked up a chunk of the earth and threw it at him.

Orellana was shown a red card for his grass chucking and Busquets was shown a yellow for time wasting. Of course, since Busquets has been know to feel excruciating pain from no contact whatsoever, getting hit by the tuft of grass killed him.


  1. alex says:

    Busquets’s reputation for diving is undeserved. He overexaggerates, of course, many players do. He may even be especially bad about it. But he does not go down when there is no foul to be called very often at all. Show me the last time it happened. Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo do that sort of thing with regularity, and it’s much worse.

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