Arturo Vidal tearfully apologizes to “all of Chile” after arrest for drunkenly crashing his Ferrari

Chile midfielder Arturo Vidal, who scored twice in Monday’s 3-3 draw with Mexico, spent his Copa America night off in a hospital with minor injuries after crashing his red Ferrari and getting arrested on drunk driving charges. This was a tremendous disappointment to the tournament’s host nation, especially since Vidal OWNS A LIMOUSINE SERVICE.

On Wednesday, once he had time to sober up, Vidal held a press conference where he tearfully apologized to his country. From Eurosport:

“I was at the casino, I had two drinks [Ed. note: it’s always two, isn’t it?] and then put at risk the lives of my wife and others,” said Vidal.

“I apologise to my team-mates, the staff, the people and to all of Chile. The accident was my fault.

“It was all my fault. I let everyone down. I will give my all to win the Copa America.”

It is alleged Vidal told the officer who arrested him: “you can handcuff me, but you’re f****** up the whole of Chile”.

Vidal appeared before a judge earlier in the day, where he received a driving ban. Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli said he will not punish Vidal because, “He is a very valuable player who has made a mistake, but not the kind of mistake to exclude him. He was in his free time after all. I don’t believe this is as serious as some have tried to portray it.”

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  1. PleasyReasy says:

    Vidal could have drunkenly crashed his Ferrari into the goalposts and Sampaoli still would talk about his value instead of punishing him but hey, whaddayagonnado.

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