Lord Nicklas Bendtner scores late equalizer, winning penalty in German Super Cup

Just two weeks ago, Nicklas Bendtner was forced to train on his own as Wolfsburg manager Dieter Hecking felt he was out of shape and was lagging behind his teammates. But in the German Super Cup, Bendtner proved that fitness is irrelevant when you’re of regal blood.

Bendtner started the match against Bayern Munich on the bench, but in the 70th minute, Hecking knew that he was their only hope to come back from a 1-0 deficit and put him in. Demonstrating his flair for the dramatic that usually manifests in the form of his pants falling down outside a nightclub or drunkenly demanding free pizza, Bendtner scored the equalizer in the 89th minute with a brilliant shot at the end of an excellent pass from Kevin De Bruyne.

That sent the match to penalties (there is no extra time in the German Super Cup), and guess who scored the winner there? That’s right, his royal Lordship.

Never doubt this man again.


  1. JB says:

    What was your line for Bendter from a few years ago?

    “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my own awesomeness!”

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