Jose Mourinho narrowly avoids Arsene Wenger, throws runners-up medal into the crowd after Community Shield

It took 14 tries, but Arsene Wenger finally beat Jose Mourinho, albeit in the Community Shield by a score of 1-0. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain gave Arsenal the lead in the 24th minute and Wenger then beat Mourinho with his own game plan by parking the bus for the remainder of the match while Petr Cech made several fine saves to retain a clean sheet against his former club.

After Chelsea collected their runners-up medals, Mourinho, who came to Wembley dressed for a training session at a high school while Wenger opted for a more formal look, waited at the bottom of the steps for the Arsenal players.


Though it seemed he might have just been interested in congratulating his former players Cech and Mesut Ozil, he shook hands with each and every one of them. But once Wenger brought up the rear, both men deftly avoided each other and Mourinho headed straight for the tunnel, tossing his medal into the stands (something he has previously done with winner’s medals) along the way.

While this moment will surely be analyzed to death, we should probably just be thankful that Mourinho and Wenger didn’t try to use their respective souvenirs as weapons against each other. Yet.


  1. Andy says:

    Typical Chelsea bias there, Brooks! Cech only had ONE save to make from an Oscar free-kick. Not “several”. Coutious was the busier one. As for parking the bus, Arsenal had more shots on target and better chances overall. And I don’t see what the managers attire has anything to do with the match.

    • Brooks Peck says:

      Complimenting Arsenal’s goalkeeper constitutes a Chelsea bias? That’s a new one. OK, I should have said “a couple” instead of “several” — the save on Zouma’s header was nice too, but I mistakenly thought there was a third as well. Not sure how you can say Arsenal didn’t park the bus. Having fewer shots but more on target just meant that they didn’t have Falcao on their side. Plus, Chelsea actually had more possession for once.

      As for the managers’ attire, I and many others (match commentators included) noticed the contrast. Seemed like Wenger meant business while Mourinho was still in preseason mode. Chelsea do still have one more friendly to play, after all.

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