Cristiano Ronaldo goes unnoticed as bearded street performer in Madrid

A few months back, paparazzi photos of Cristiano Ronaldo disguised as a bearded street performer in Madrid were released, but there was no explanation as to why he was doing it. Obviously it was to promote some kind of product and not to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a bearded street performer, and now we know it was for his new line of headphones and speakers…because they’re so expensive that you’ll have to supplement your income with street performances to afford them? I don’t know.

The video above shows what Ronaldo went through that day — from getting into his costume to trying to get people to pay attention to him. He even asked a woman for her phone number and she flatly denied him.

After enduring only occasional interest from passers by for some time, bearded Ronaldo found a young boy willing to kick the ball around with. It was then that he removed his disguise and all the people who tried to ignore him all afternoon suddenly swarmed him.

The kid’s stunned reaction to realizing who he was kicking the ball with is pretty great, though.

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