LA Galaxy parody NYCFC’s greasy Villa, Pirlo, and Lampard photoshoot

(Lyle Ashton Harris/
(Lyle Ashton Harris/

The LA Galaxy will host New York City FC this Sunday, so to prepare for the match, they decided to make fun of their fellow aging European talent collectors.

NYCFC gave the Galaxy plenty to work with by allowing their big three — David Villa, Andrea Pirlo, and Poku Frank Lampard — to be photographed wearing white tank tops and looking greasy by New York Magazine for some reason. So the Galaxy recreated this shoot with Dan Gargan, Alan Gordon, and Nacho Maganto.




  1. Chard says:

    I find the constant belittling of players like Pirlo and co very disrespectful. Pirlo chose to play in the states and as such, you’d think they’d have a bit more respect for players with a high calibre bringing new viewer-ship to a league which, to be honest, isn’t very attractive outside of anywhere but America.

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