Botafogo player produces an incomprehensibly awful corner kick

Players on loan are always eager to make an impression, but midfielder Tomas’ time at Botafogo will be remembered for the wrong reason. During a Brazilian Serie B match against Mogi Mirim, the 23-year-old on loan from J. Malucelli was tasked with taking a corner kick. It did not go well.

If you were wondering whether anyone could produce a worse corner kick than Wayne Rooney against Italy at the last World Cup, the answer is yes.

Thanks to Ryan Lloyd for the tip!

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  1. I never played past the high school level, but we always took corners from the right hand goal with right-footed shooters and vice-versa to lower the odds of such chances. From their stance, they have to deliver a powerful hook and the laws of physics are arguing against it, It’s always embarrassing to shoot a penalty over the crossbar or even a little wide, but this is so easy to fix.

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