Roy Keane finds a way to put down Ashley Young and offend Chinese people at the same time

Roy Keane is never one to hold back, especially when his former club is the topic of conversation. He demonstrated this yet again when Ashley Young was brought up, since he performed yet another blatant dive during Man United’s 1-0 win over CSKA Moscow in the Champions League.

“I think the guy’s a disgrace,” Keane said. “If he’s a Man United player, I’m a Chinaman.”

That’s Roy Keane, ladies and gentlemen. The only football pundit to casually throw derogatory terms for Chinese people into his Ashley Young insults since your unemployed uncle at that last family gathering.

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  1. Francois Toure, Car Salesman says:

    In the Man City v. Sevilla UCL game on TSN there was the following exchange between the two commentators about a Sevilla player who happened to be Polish:

    Commentator #1: “… well he doesn’t have to fall to the ground like a pole-ax!”

    Commentator #2: ” …(long pause)… I see what you did there…”

    Commentator #1: “Ya… he’s a Polack…”

    Commentator #2: “…(crickets)…”

    I, for one, am certainly glad Papa Sepp stomped racism out of football!

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