Neymar scores goal that will make you forget Lionel Messi’s name

Neymar had a second-half brace in Barcelona’s 3-0 win over Villarreal (naturally Luis Suarez scored the other goal). It was the final goal of the day that stood out as worthy of Puskas award consideration, though.

With a sombrero and a spin move, Neymar confounded his man and scored off a Suarez pass in a way that only he is crazy enough to attempt, let alone actually pull off. And in that moment, just for a split second, no one on earth was thinking about Lionel Messi.


  1. shine login says:

    Football is football….Real professionals give their all…My point is that from the players perspective, they are playing a football match for a trophy …it doesn’t matter if it’s the UCL or the WC. It’s not like you could suddenly become talented when playing in the World Cup….similarly, you cannot suddenly lose your talent.If Messi and Ronaldo have been dominating at the club level it’s because they are the best…You f@king idiot….Pele played for Brazil during their golden years…..Of course he won the World Cup……Ronaldo plays for an average (and sometimes below average) Portugal…whilst Messi plays for an Argentina side that strangely resembles Real Madrid (so much talent and stars…how to accommodate them all and get the best from them???) So you are telling me that If Messi won the World Cup in 2014 but failed to score or assist a single goal for Barcelona and didn’t win the treble then he would be the best???This is what I call Asshole logic!

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