Adidas got a bit weird with Spain and Russia’s away shirts


After going for a more understated vibe with their Euro 2016 home kits, Adidas went for a more experimental approach with Spain and Russia’s away shirts.

Spain’s features a pixelated ’90s vibe that will divide opinion, but Russia’s is basically just straight up Ed Hardy wear…


Seriously, a team will wear that during Euro 2016, not an MMA fighter during a UFC event.

According to Adidas, the Spain shirt “focusses around explosive emotions displayed in a heat-map, based on the 2012 UEFA European Championship winning goal by Fernando Torres.”

And the Russia shirt was “designed to reflect youth culture in the country and hinting at modernity.”

So there you go. A heat map and something about kids.


  1. L. Alemany says:

    The Spanish Jersey looks like Pac-Man ate the red and orange ghost and had what competitive eaters mercifully refer to as a “reversal” all over it…the Russian Jersey looks like an emblem that should be on the staff of a solider right up front of a Roman Phalanx led by Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius.

    • tp says:

      Or, you know, the Coat of arms of Russia. Which is on pretty much all the jerseys.

      It’s more the noted Ed Hardy way its exhibited that’s a problem. I really like Puma’s Austria jersey from last round, which has a giant Coat of arms of Austria in the middle. But it’s a subtle embossed red on red deal. Unlike this douche tattoo.

      Good call on the pac-man puke.

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