The very best of the 2015 Ballon d’Or gala

Lets get nuts and do some awards for an award show, shall we?

Best dressed: Paul Pogba (honorable mention: Samuel Eto’o)

Paul Pogba is from the future. A very ornate future.

Most prepared nominee: Aya Miyama

Of all the night’s award nominees, only one was smart enough to bring a ball and a pen for autographs. Well played, Aya.

Most intense cello performance: 2Cellos

This is how they started the show. Nothing else lived up to this standard of intensity.

Most awkward moment: Cristiano Ronaldo introducing himself to Messi’s girlfriend

Messi awkwardly caught in the middle. Neymar staring daggers. Whoever decided to seat Messi and Ronaldo next to each other deserves a promotion.

Most shocking result: Wendell Lira beating Alessandro Florenzi and Leo Messi to the Puskas Award

Not only did Lira’s overhead kick beat out Florenzi’s incredibly angled bomb from distance and Messi’s typically brilliant solo run, he won it in a landslide. Don’t mess with Brazil in a vote that open to the public.

Best award acceptance moment: Carli Lloyd

In a year where the men’s award was won by a fifth timer, it was nice to see the overwhelming emotion of someone being declared the best in the world for the first time in their life.

Most adorable wave: Thiago Messi (who appeared to have a few stitches on his eyebrow) during his dad’s Ballon d’Or acceptance speech


He’s either waving or showing Cristiano Ronaldo how many Ballons d’Or his dad has.

Most wonderful absence: Sepp Blatter


Blatter’s FIFA ban is just the gift that keeps on giving.


  1. Who cares? Ronaldo has been the best this year and everyone knows it. There’s so many but hurt Liverpool,Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal fans who hate Ronaldo because he destroyed them every time he played against them.

    • The Caretaker says:

      But the award isn’t a fan vote and CR7 hasn’t been in the EPL for ages, so I’m confused. Also, everyone does not agree that the best player on a team that won nothing in 2014-2105 is better than the best player on the team that won an historic treble.

  2. Ella says:

    Actually if you watched the press conferences and the interviews Ronaldo was very cordial to the other nominees and humble when he spoke about himself but I guess that doesn’t fit you agenda to shit on him as much as possible, is that it? You’re usually way funnier than this.

  3. Yusuf .J says:

    Messi is a message from God to Humanity that “The most valuable things may come in the smallest of packages”. Isn’t it amazing that one of the shortest and smallest man in the game is the greatest ever!!! Talent is better than skill. Talent is a gift from God, skill is trained and learnt from one man to another
    . Messi is talented, Ronaldo well skilled period!!!!.

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