Zlatan streches so hard that he pushes a door open

The one downside to having infinite strength is that you can never truly know the full extent of your power. This is the predicament Zlatan Ibrahimovic finds himself in.

Prior to PSG’s match against St. Etienne, Zlatan decided to do some stretching before leading his team onto the pitch and used a closed door for resistance. Well, to his surprise, the all powerful Zlatan accidentally pushed that door open.

Naturally, Zlatan scored both goals in PSG’s 2-0 win and the second was a particularly brilliant team display.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Or it could be that there was a cat on the other side who opened the door in an attempt to take out Zlatan so St. Etienne had a better chance of winning, or at least scoring. There was another cat in position to stare down Angel DiMaria.

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