When Zlatan swaps shirts, he gets two in return

Since the beginning of time, shirt swaps have always been a one for one deal. “I give you my shirt and you give me yours.” Well, Zlatan Ibrahimovic laughs in the face of this arrangement.

The thought that a Zlatan shirt would only be worth one shirt from another, far less powerful footballer is insulting. So after PSG beat Chelsea 2-1 in the first leg of their Champions League round of 16 tie (in which Zlatan scored the first goal), Zlatan first swapped shirts with former Barcelona teammate Pedro. He then went up to Willian and asked for his shirt too, offering only the chance to please Zlatan in return. Since Willian is smart, he instantly took Zlatan up on this generous offer.

So Zlatan walked away with two Chelsea shirts, losing just one Zlatan shirt in process. This is Zlatanomics in action.


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