U.S. unveil new crest, which is not a bootleg Olympic team logo


The flying ball that has been a part of the USSF crest since 1993 is no more. The federation has now unveiled a new, simpler look that definitely is not inspired by knock-off U.S. Olympic team merchandise sold in dollar stores across the country.

(Wrong Side of the Pond)

When it was first announced that the USSF was going for a new look, many hoped they would permanently adopt the classic and elegant stars and stripes badge used to celebrate their centennial year in 2013.


But they didn’t.

The new one is still an improvement on the ball crest, though. So that’s something.

Proud to wear the new #usmnt crest! #onenationoneteam @ussoccer

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  1. Donald Trumpet says:

    Only ONE team? We should have a thousand teams, because we’re the USA! We have the biggest cars, the largest houses, and more guns per person than any other country in the world.

    ‘Murrka, f**k yeah!

    PS-the logo looks stupid. Bring back the one from the 1950’s.

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