Sunderland sign Emmanuel Eboue to fill desperate need for smiles


It’s been a nightmare season for Sunderland. Their dismal performance on the pitch has been one thing, but Adam Johnson’s pedophilia trial and the subsequent resignation of the club’s chief executive this week has cast an unusually dark cloud over the relegation threatened side. Something had to be done to counterbalance all this negativity. So they’ve signed one of the most joyful forces in the game: the one and only Emmanuel Eboue.

Yes, Sunderland needed cover at right back and the 32-year-old former Arsenal and Galatasaray player was available, having been out of contract since last summer, but what they really need more than anything else is someone to make them smile. And Eboue is quite good at doing that.

So even if they do get relegated this season, at least Eboue will help them have a bit more fun doing it.

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