Leicester are UFC champions now, too

The titles keep rolling in for Leicester City. The manner in which they won the Premier League crown was apparently so impressive that other sporting organizations have declared them champions, as well. One of which is UFC, who sent Leicester a special title belt. Have Man United, Man City, or Chelsea received a UFC belt for winning the Premier League? Nope.

Then again, this belt might have also been awarded for Robert Huth’s battle with Marouane Fellaini the other day.

(Sky Sports)
(Sky Sports)

Leicester have also been declared winners of this weekend’s Kentucky Derby and the men’s swimming 4×100 freestyle relay at the Rio Olympics.


  1. CplDaniel says:

    Huth deserved that elbow. WTF does he think he’s 1st grade trying to grab a ponytail? That’s like women’s college soccer right there grabbin the felaini-fro. Reminds of the girl from New Mexico around 2009 that made the hi-lights real for pulling a strikers pony tail as she got past her.

  2. francisco says:

    Dana White has made fun of football for years, but when he sees an opportunity to further promote UFC he takes it.

    Consistent? No.
    Savvy marketer? Definitely

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