Barcelona get swarmed by fans after winning La Liga at Granada

Barcelona beat Granada 3-0 to edge out Real Madrid to a second consecutive La Liga title by a one-point margin on the final day of the season. Given that they won the title 550 miles away from home, you might think that it would’ve been a lonely celebration, but the locals got into the spirit of the day and swarmed the Barca players on the pitch after the final whistle.

Keep an eye out at 20 seconds into the video for the kid who goes in for the hug on Gerard Pique before getting trampled by the jubilant players.

All three of Barca’s goals were scored by Luis Suarez, bringing him to 40 on the season — five more than second-place Cristiano Ronaldo.

This has been your latest update on Barcelona’s ongoing crisis.


    • Cathy says:

      Can’t we count the Club World Cup? If they win the Copa, that’ll be three this year. Of course, they are a club in crisis regardless. The Suarez Pichichi thing was just a fluke. I’m sure he’ll have a terrible season next year.

  1. The Caretaker says:

    Plus they won the whatever you call the Cup between the CL winner and the Europa winner at the beginning of the season. They dld lose the whatever you call it Cup between the winners of the League and the Copa del Rey from last year, where they played a home and away with the Athletic. So they have won three trophies this year, with the League, the Club World Cup and the Cup Winners’ Cup or whatever it is called. IF they win on Sunday it’s four out of six for the year. Clearly a crisis then……

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