Tigres manager has furious meltdown after Liga MX playoff elimination

The man you see in the video above shouting like a lunatic and storming out of his own press conference is Tigres manager Tuca Ferretti. He was freaking out because he likes to let female journalists ask questions first, but a male journalist spoke out of turn. But the root of his anger was the manner in which his team was eliminated from the Liga MX quarterfinals.

Monterrey beat Tigres 3-1 in the first leg, but Tigres fought back and scored two away goals in the first 30 minutes of the second leg. With the aggregate score even at 3-3, Tigres defender Juninho was shown a second yellow card and sent off in the 68th minute.

Ferretti thought this was a harsh — or maybe even corrupt — decision, so he waved his wallet at the referee before getting sent off himself.

Just two minutes later, Monterrey scored and went on to advance to the semifinals on a 4-3 aggregate score. So when Ferretti sat down for his press conference, he was already furious. And when a journalist disobeyed his rules, he snapped.

Ferretti did return after taking a few minutes to cool down, but at that point he had already made himself clear. Don’t mess with Tuca.

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