The most miserable people at the 2016 Europa League final

Sevilla came back from 1-0 down to beat Liverpool 3-1 and win a record third consecutive Europa League title. Obviously a second cup final loss in one season is enough to dampen the spirits of anyone on Liverpool’s side, but a few people had worse experiences in Basel than others.

First, there’s this fellow…

Before his bold prediction even had a chance to be proven wrong, his evening took a turn for the worse when a pre-match fight broke out in the stands.

Televised making a spectacularly wrong prediction and then pictured getting knocked out before kickoff. Written in the stars, indeed. 

Then there’s Coutinho. Immediately after the final whistle, a clearly and understandably distraught Coutinho was approached by a Liverpool fan who asked him to pose for the world’s most depressing selfie.

Meanwhile, Emre Can was crying so much that just about everyone on the pitch took a turn trying to console him. This is a guy who watched his Bayern teammates win the treble in 2012/13 (he only made six appearances that season), watched Germany win the World Cup a year before he got his first call up to the senior squad, and already lost the Capital One Cup final this season. The poor guy just wants a trophy he can call his own.

And finally, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. Prior to the match, he was already fielding questions about his difficulties in cup finals and this result will only fuel more of that. He’s now lost five cup finals in a row, including the two with Liverpool this season.

I would add Alberto Moreno, who put in a miserable performance that will likely be the end of his Liverpool career. But he does have a Sevilla tattoo on his leg, so it remains unclear how upset he is about this result.

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