FC Dallas and Houston Dynamo tried to play in a swimming pool

Remember the Bishop from Caddyshack who played a round of golf in a biblical storm? Well apparently that guy is real and now an MLS referee. The match officials for FC Dallas v Houston Dynamo decided to attempt to play in the worst conditions this side of Noah’s Arc. 

The two sides actually played four minutes of handsfree water polo before the match was finally halted. 

Look at this nonsense…

After a rain delay of nearly two hours, the match finally resumed. Thankfully nobody drowned.


  1. CplDaniel says:

    Well, when you play on a non water-permeable surface, like synthetic astro-turf, that to be expected. I’m surprised nobody (like club or stadium management) saw it coming and took contingency action to keep the water from pooling in the 48hrs leading up to the game or to have a reschedule, maybe switch out the home & away fixture between the two teams.

    • Nick says:

      Problem with the switching fixtures idea is that Houston is also under water right now. The wet weather was well advertised so the organizers should have made contingency plans.

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