Austria lose to old man wearing sweatpants

Austria became a popular dark horse to win Euro 2016 after their undefeated qualifying campaign, but that has come to an end after losing their first match of the tournament to a lowly Hungary side that started the oldest man in the history of the competition — 40-year-old sweatpants wearing goalkeeper Gabor Kiraly.

Hungary stunned Austria (and everyone else) with a goal in the 62nd minute — an event so unnerving that Austria defender Aleksandar Dragovic earned his second yellow card and was sent off just four minutes later. Hungary then added a second goal against 10-man Austria in the 87th minute to seal an impressive 2-0 win that added a clean sheet to Kiraly’s historic day.

It could be difficult for Austria to recover from such a jarring result, perhaps opening the door for Iceland or even Hungary to advance.

Hopefully this will serve as a reminder for Hungary’s next opponents — and everyone else in the world — that you should never underestimate an old man who is willing to wear sweatpants in public.


  1. bert says:

    Hungarian goalie dgaf. I thought shorts were a required worldwide thing in football. Dude looks like he checked out of the homeless shelter to play a match.

  2. Cathy says:

    I hope in the finals it’s team “old man in sweatpants” vs. team “small mentality.” It won’t be, but that would be fun.

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