Liverpool make horrifying Jurgen Klopp head birthday cake

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp celebrates his 49th birthday on June 16, so to mark the occasion, the club decided to create an abomination of nature. 

This is Jurgen Klopp’s birthday cake. It is made of a Rice Krispie treat base and it is supposed to look like Klopp himself, but the result is what you hallucinate when you do too much peyote. 

And after this, Klopp will hope that the club forgets his 50th birthday all together.


  1. CplDaniel says:

    I kinda wonder if they 3-d printed the frosting around the RiceKrispie base. Powder suger, color agent, binding agent…that seems like the sort of thing that specialty sort of 3-D printer for confectioners might be designed for.

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