Iker Casillas is the only one who didn’t get a thank you letter from Vicente Del Bosque

Long-time Spain goalkeeper and captain Iker Casillas was not happy about being benched in favor of the younger David De Gea at Euro 2016. So unhappy, in fact, that he wasn’t very nice to his coaches, including manager Vicente Del Bosque, with whom he also worked at Real Madrid for four years. As a result, the outgoing Del Bosque says he has written thank you letters to all his players —except Casillas — in what has to be the most passive aggressive football feud of all time.

From the Guardian:

“With his team-mates, he was OK, but with the coaching staff, his behaviour wasn’t good. His anger was directed at us,” Del Bosque said. “That’s why he’s the only player I didn’t write to.” […]

“For sure he is hurting or displeased with me and I understand that. He thinks we have done the wrong thing,” he said.

“But we have to be proud of a player who has 167 games with the national team. I don’t believe three or four games will hurt his resume.

“Casillas hasn’t disappointed me. I have a great appreciation for him. I have known him since he was nine years old.”

Casillas was in goal for Spain’s disastrous group-stage elimination at the 2014 World Cup and is coming off an error-strewn season with Porto that couldn’t be compared to the one De Gea had with Manchester United. Still, he helped Del Bosque win a European Championship and a World Cup, so not getting a letter from the manager as he steps down after eight years in charge of Spain probably made Casillas cry.

Even Jose Mourinho would say this was harsh from Del Bosque.


  1. Kay says:

    Seriously?! Del Bosque’s known Casillas since he was 9, but because he was upset the last few days DB decides to ignore him. Here’s a thought DB: Maybe honor all the great things you just praised him for instead of shunning him like a passive aggressive asshat. Even if he was a jerk during this run, maybe be the bigger person and reach out to him. He’s has a tough few years, perhaps he could use the support of someone who has been influential for a large portion of his life. Smdh.

    • Cess says:

      Agree completely. After all he’s done for Real Madrid and Spain, he was treated really terribly. Now this whole business of further ostracizing him AND then going to press about it? Petty move from a man I’ve always had a lot of respect for.

  2. Sane says:

    Consider this : “he helped Del Bosque win two European Championships”. Casillas won only one European championship with Del Bosque. The other one was with Aragones

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