2016/17 Champions League ball features odd phrases from Mesut Özil, Gareth Bale, and more


Ahead of the Champions League group-stage draw, Adidas unveiled the new match ball and it looks like they pulled it off the roof of a primary school.

Adding a strange twist to this year’s design: word scribbles.

“The hand written messages come from some of the game’s best players, including the likes of Mesut Ozil, Toni Kroos, James Rodriguez and Gareth Bale all saying how they win their way,” Adidas explains. “‘Play your life, I play mine,’ says Ozil, with Toni Kroos contributing ‘controlling the game is everything.’  James Rodriguez says ‘la creatividad gana.’ meaning ‘creativity wins’ whereas Bale says ‘being faster than a bullet.'”

Other messages written on the ball include:

“Character” — Brendan Rodgers

“Please don’t make me take corner kicks” — Harry Kane

“I just want to go home” — Iker Casillas

“LOL @ Chelsea and Man United” — Everyone

“This is easy!” — Zinedine Zidane

“I hate Gonzalo Higuain so, so much” — Leo Messi

“If we lose to Real Madrid again, I’m going to murder everyone” — Diego Simeone

“I am the carrot manager…directing manager of carrots” — Thomas Müller

And of course, “Chat shit, get banged” — Jamie Vardy


  1. Andreas Söderholm says:

    “Pretty fly for a white guy” – Aaron Ramsay
    “Why always me?” – Mario Balotelli
    “Yo’ mama!” – Marco Materazzi

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