Maradona has a Leo Messi conspiracy theory

Now that Lionel Messi is back from his international non-retirement and all is right with the world, Maradona would like to get back to questioning his character.

Since Messi’s retirement declaration immediately followed Argentina’s third cup final loss in as many years and Messi himself even missed the opening spot kick of their doomed shootout against Chile, Maradona thinks there might have been a cynical purpose for his quickly reversed decision.

From ESPN:

Argentina legend Maradona, who coached Messi at the 2010 World Cup, told TyC Sports: “[Messi] escaped the criticism but the Argentines suffered.

“Maybe his retirement was staged to make us forget about the three final losses.”

Well, you’re a little late on this one, Diego. I essentially said the same thing the night it happened.

You’re slipping in your old age, man. You used to be a much better troll.


  1. Cathy says:

    I’m so sick of Diego Maradona. He just doesn’t see he’s part of the problem. Criticize, insult. Rinse. Repeat. Then when Messi retires, moan about how he should come back. Insist that AFA sucks, and that’s why Messi left but he should come back because it will get better. Then he comes back and it’s back to criticize, insult. Rinse, repeat. Messi should have stayed away. He gets way more love in Spain than he ever got in Argentina. He should have played for Spain.

  2. The Caretaker says:

    If he had played for Spain, he’d be the best player of all time with two Euros and a World Cup. Instead, he plays for a country that does not love him and is full of Higuains. .

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