Behold! Dirty Tackle is reborn.

No, the last few weeks of blog silence have not been an extended ploy to force you to watch an Owen Hargreaves video thousands of times while crying — instead it has been the start of a period of exciting changes for all of us.

DT is no longer a part of Yahoo Sports and as we try to decide on the best new home for the site, we return to our roots as a not so humble independent blog about football nonsense. I’m afraid I can’t say too much about why DT and Yahoo have gone separate ways, but after five mostly great years the time was definitely right for a change.

All of your support and kind words over the last few weeks (and the entire six years of DT’s existence) have been appreciated more than any of you can ever know. There’s a lot more for us to do and new heights to be reached. Now we can make it happen together, with this hastily designed blog space as a starting point.

So what does this mean for you, DT’s dear readers, enablers and co-conspirators? Well, you’ll have to be sure you have our original URL — DirtyTackle.net — bookmarked and tattooed all over your body. It would also be very much appreciated if you helped spread the word by informing both friends and enemies who have been mourning DT’s absence of the good news. Be sure to follow on Twitter here and Facebook here. Aside from that, it will be a resumption of our usual Zlatan praising, corn conspiracy exposing and football oddity chronicling services.

Welcome back.



  1. andrewUnited says:

    Glad you’re back and not on yahoo. I was a big fan before and felt that yahoo limited your capabilities! Best of luck!

  2. Mark S says:

    OK on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best news)

    1 Zlatan does just about anything
    2 Cristiano Ronaldo makes a sad face
    3 Pirlo smiles
    4 Joachim Eckert gets a tax audit shoved up his asterisk
    5 Russia gets blown out of the water at the 2018 WC and takes it’s toys and joins the AFC
    6 DT is back!
    7 Sepp Blatter is forced to take his next 7 summer vacations in Qatar… In a 1 star hotel …
    8 Qatar is stripped of the 2022 WC and their “pro” league is relegated to the “rich boys playing with themselves” division. They and their neighbors leave the AFC and form a woman-free, gay-free, Israel-free “everybody ELSE must get stoned” conference, the CFC (Camel F***ers Conference) which gets a half of a half of a half of a slot at the 2026 WC.
    9 Sepp Blatter gets marooned on a desert island with Luis Suarez and a bottle of hot sauce (otherwise this would be in poor taste)
    10 Blatter drinks espresso spiked with LSD and tells the truth for one day

  3. DTLovah says:

    Swweeeet!!!! I noticed that there weren’t any new posts for a while and that kinda bummed me out, but I did a google search and realised that there’s now an independent website. I’ve been following this blog since the early days and have more than enjoyed it! Glad to see you guys are keeping it going. I think its strange that Yahoo decided to part ways, but there’s probably a good conspiracy theory for that.

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