Pepe personally donates 9,000 kilos of food to families in his Madrid neighborhood

Perhaps in a late bid to get his name on Santa’s nice list, Real Madrid defender Pepe has made a large donation to those in need within his Madrid neighborhood. And he even delivered the food himself.

Yes, that Pepe.

From AS:

The Real Madrid player paid for 9,000 kilos  [19,841 lbs.] of food out of his own pocket and was involved in distributing the packages to disadvantaged families the Madrid neighbourhood of Las Rozas, where the Portugal international lives. With the amount of food purchased Pepe’s idea was to ensure that these people also have a Merry Christmas.

A Twitter user named Ana Davila, who works as a councillor for the department of Health, Family and Children in Las Rozas shared pictures of Pepe delivering the goods.

This serves as another reminder that behavior exhibited on the pitch — as petulant and unsavory as it might be — is just one facet of a more complex human being. Who may or may not enjoy headbutting Germans at the World Cup.


  1. Francisco says:

    I’m Portuguese, and won’t even pretend to defend his antics on the pitch. But apparently Pepe is extremely shy outside of the stadium and frequently does things like this.

  2. Joyra says:

    9,000 kilos is 19,841.6 lbs. not 4,409 lbs. I don’t know who’s in charge of your statistics, but as they’re not up to the job, could I apply, especially if it pays well?

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