Palermo would like you to have sexual fantasies about them for Christmas

Many top clubs have put together special videos for the holidays featuring players singing songs, wearing ugly sweaters and doing a variety of other things associated with the season. But Palermo decided to go a different route with their video and now Christmas will never be the same again.

It starts off innocently enough with a woman returning home with her shopping bags and immediately falling asleep on the couch. Then it takes a sharp turn…


BAM! Michel Morganella working out in slow motion without a shirt on and his Deliverance beard staring back at us. And before you can even attempt to make sense of that image, a montage of his teammates in various stages of undress winking and blowing kisses to the camera plays out, jolting the woman back to consciousness.

This…left me speechless. Thankfully, Lorenzo Vicini, founder of the excellent Ultra Palermo blog, helps us out with a few astute observations…

All I know is that Dimitar Berbatov is very upset that he wasn’t asked to participate in this video.

Thanks to Lorenzo and Dave Di Cola for the spot!

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  1. Ms Gothika says:

    I’m sorry, but no. Bare-bellied men in shorts working out and/or stripping just doesn’t blow my skirt up; far too Chippendale-esque for my liking. Bland. Blech. Unimaginative. Dull. Boring. Same-y. So last century. Got the picture yet?

    Give me a hot Goth dude in full black gear, heavy on the eye makeup, blood red lips, wearing Manson-type contacts, with a silent, brooding, expression…..and he’s got all of my attention….and anything else he wants.

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