Chelsea fan delivers spectacularly furious rant after Southampton loss

We featured this in The Goalmouth earlier (sign up!), but it’s so good that it needs to be shared here, as well. Following Chelsea’s 3-1 loss to Southampton at Stamford Bridge last weekend, a Chelsea fans YouTube channel interviewed a man who attended the game (the whole game — an important distinction, as you will soon discover), as you do.

The interview begins with subdued disappointment in a team that just lost their fourth match of the season, but as the discussion goes on, interviewee Louis starts to build some momentum. Then a few celebrating Southampton fans pass by, acting as the lighter fluid dumped on the bonfire of fury built up inside Louis. Then the interviewer mentions Branislav Ivanovic’s name, lighting the match that sets the whole thing ablaze.

No one is safe from Louis’ rage — Ivanovic, Cesc Fabregas, even fellow Chelsea fans are all addressed in loud and sweary terms. It really a tour de force.

Hopefully Louis found the experience as cathartic. After all, it’s only October.


  1. Dustin says:

    I wonder if that guy has the rest of his life in order. Like if he exercises regularly, has good relationships, is doing well at work and finding time to read or do a hobby. All this caring about a team of millionaires owned by a billionaire russian guy is pretty fucking ridiculous. They don’t care about you, you are nothing, tend your own garden. Make yourself whole.

  2. Francisco says:

    dude’s got some red cheeks

    and i would LOVE to have this guy in the booth every week. if i have to watch Chelsea lose every game, might as well get entertained

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