Real Madrid start ineligible player in Copa del Rey, everyone laughs at Rafa Benitez

Everything was going so well in Real Madrid’s Copa del Rey round of 32 first-leg match against third division Cadiz. Denis Cheryshev scored in just the third minute to give them a fast lead and Rafa Benitez had to feel he was on his way to proving his doubters wrong and holding onto his job at least until the end of the calendar year.

But then word started to filter through social media that Cheryshev shouldn’t have been eligible to play due to yellow card accumulation in the tournament last season with Villarreal.

The reports quickly gained steam to the point where Cadiz fans inside the stadium began chanting for Benitez to check Twitter before the first half even ended.

During the break, Cadiz’s official account announced that their board would meet after the match to decide whether a complaint would be filed, which would be necessary for the federation to take action against Real Madrid. (UPDATE: Cadiz have since filed a formal complaint.)

Finally figuring out their massive oversight, Real Madrid panicked and substitute Cheryshev 45 seconds into the second half, bringing more attention to their goof-up.

But wait, there’s more!

It isn’t even the first time Benitez has done this!

And now even the king of Real Madrid trolls is laughing.


  1. Mike says:

    As much as I love a good laugh at Madrid, wouldn’t this be someone else’s fault below Benitez? Seems like the coach should just get a sheet of paper with the players who are available, and not be required to worry about things like card accumulation on his own.

    • Brooks Peck says:

      Maybe, but he’s the one ultimately responsible for who plays and who doesn’t. Should be something you double check before filling out a team sheet, no?

      • CrisLander says:

        Even more so if this has already happened to you, no? At least put together a staff that makes sure of checking these things?

  2. George says:

    I understand his responsibility but I mean anyone can commit an error so the people around him should help him double check. Like in the miss universe case.

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