“I don’t seek out records, records seek out me,” says Cristiano Ronaldo after battering poor Malmo

Cristiano Ronaldo scored four times in span of 20 minutes during Real Madrid’s 8-0 win over Malmo. In doing so, he broke his own Champions League group-stage scoring record and become the first player to record 10 or more goals over the six matches, ending up with 11. This gave him more goals than 27 of the 32 TEAMS in the group stage.

Once he was finished beating up on a clearly inferior club, he made a statement that was so impressively egotistical that it sounded like a quote from a parody of Cristiano Ronaldo. From ESPN FC:

“On a personal level, I am happy for another record. I don’t seek out records, records seek me out.”

He doesn’t seek out records. Records seek him out. That’s something a WWE villain would say! It’s brilliant.

Love or hate Ronaldo, you can’t deny that the game is more entertaining with him and his colossal ego.

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  1. ikool says:

    Nicely written. It highlights both sides. A great achievement indeed but then who did he score the goals against? Malmo, shatkar, none against the only tough team in the group, PSG. A world class player scoring multiple(ordinary 🙂 goals against minnows? Not all that special

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