Barcelona prepare for Arsenal by training against random children

Barcelona took two big away goals from the first leg of their Champions League round of 16 tie against Arsenal, leaving them in good position going into Wednesday’s second leg. Still, preparations must be made and proper training must be done to ensure that they are ready to finish off their opponents. With that in mind, Barcelona trained against three children who invaded their session on Tuesday.

The three young boys, who just might end up starting for injury-ravaged Arsenal at the Camp Nou, were swarmed by the Barca players, who lifted them up, signed autographs, took pictures, and even put them in the middle of a rondo before sending them on their way.

So the kids got to live out a dream and the players got to accurately prepare for facing Gabriel Paulista. It was truly a win-win situation.


  1. Greggy says:

    In other news, three children also invaded Real Madrid’s training session at the Bernabeu. Instead of signing autographs for the youngters, Ronaldo put them in front of the goal and used them as target practice.

    Sergio Ramos slide tackled them when they tried to run away.

  2. Cathy says:

    There was so much about that that was awesome. The kids, the return of Rafinha, the team looking like they really like each other and have fun together (see Cristiano?), and Ter Stegen training like a tall blond German robot who will soon rule us all.

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