Bill Murray sings Yogi Bear theme song to an uncomfortable Jogi Löw

Bill Murray hosted the Laureus World Sports Awards in Berlin and took the opportunity to make Germany manager Jogi Löw squirm.

Murray came down from the stage to approach Löw, who was seated front and center, and introduced him to the crowd as “Sir Paul McCartney.” This made Jogi crack a smile as he shook the comedian’s hand and quickly sat back down, but Murray wasn’t finished. He explained that seeing Löw inspired him to sing his favorite song as child and you could see the fear in Löw’s eyes.

Murray then launched into an impassioned, a capella rendition of the theme song to the Yogi Bear cartoon. Löw giggled through the performance but found it difficult to keep his eyes on Murray, who sang directly to him the entire time. The two then went on stage together so Löw could present an award, but at that point he had successfully dissociated from his body and retreated to the panic room deep within his mind.

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