Zlatan conducts job interview with woman who does not like Cristiano Ronaldo

When we last saw Zlatan Ibrahimovic conduct a job interview on behalf of the vitamin drink he promotes, he asked a very nervous prospective hire who his favorite footballer was. The guy was smart/scared enough to say it was the massively egoed superstar sitting across from him. But Nicole from Finland is far braver.

After confirming that she knows exactly who Zlatan is and even fanning his ego by using his fame in her sample sales pitch to Zlatan himself, they reached the big question. What did Nicole from Finland say? NOT ZLATAN.

We don’t know exactly who she said, because Vitamin Well beeped out the name (presumably to avoid upsetting Zlatan any further), but the transcription of the beep uses five stars. So my guess is Messi. After defending her choice through Zlatan’s stunned interrogation, he asks why not [another beeped name, this time two longer sets of stars]? Her answer is resolute “no.” And her explanation reveals that she must be talking about Cristiano Ronaldo.

“He’s a damn actor,” she says, which can describe a great many footballers. “He falls down for nothing.” OK, still not enough to narrow it down. “And he’s like, the hair is always perfect and a lot of gel and…” Bingo.

Zlatan quickly ends the interview after that, leaving Nicole to wonder if she really did just encounter the great and powerful Zlatan while he presumably stifled his giggles on the other side of the door.

In a previous episode, Zlatan trolled a bike messenger, so here’s that one too…


  1. Zie Zlatanator says:

    Great commercial. But this vitamin water doesn’t have B6, a vital nutrient for top athletic performance. Apparently the nanny-state EU decided that European consumers need protection from basic vitamins. At least it had Niacin(b3) & B12. But seriously, criminalizing vitamin B6 should be a crime, or at least grounds for open revolt.

    • Annika says:

      The Upgrade version does.
      See, I should be hired. But great job Nicole, out-trolling the Troll of trolls. “Messi of course!”

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