Man United players had a great time while West Ham fans attacked their bus

The final match at Upton Park was delayed 45 minutes as West Ham supporters outside the ground attacked Man United’s bus upon its arrival. A hailstorm of bottles and other objects showered the bus, breaking windows and halting the vehicle’s progress towards the stadium.

As this was happening, the players on the bus piled on top of each other away from the windows and were able to laugh at the situation while calling for their mothers.

And while they were doing that, Chris Smalling took pictures.

Outside the bus, police moved in to try and control the massive crowd, providing Green Street with its Tiananmen Square moment.

And for some, #FarewellBoleyn turned into #GoodRiddanceBoleyn

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  1. HandyCOYI says:

    Ahhh but still a great going out match for Upton Park, plus given the history, maybe a little fan violence is a fitting send off, minus maybe throwing bottles at the horse.

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