DT Competition: Pick your England five for a beautiful custom T-shirt

(Art of Football)
(Art of Football)

Our friends at Art of Football have a beautiful new collection called 50 Years of Hurt, chronicling the half century of pain that has been the England national team. One of the many cool things about this collection is that you can customize a shirt with images of five England players going back to the 1960s.

Here are all the options…

(Art of Football)
(Art of Football)

60s: Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, Gordon Banks, Martin Peters, Geoff Hurst, Alan Ball, Jimmy Greaves

70s: Mick Channon, Trevor Brooking, Ray Wilkins, Stan Bowles,  Ray Clemence, Kevin Keegan, Trevor Francis

(Art of Football)
(Art of Football)

80s: Chris Waddle, Peter Beardsley, Peter Shilton, Glen Hoddle, Bryan Robson, John Barnes, Terry Butcher, Gary Lineker

90s: David Seaman, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Matt Le Tissier, Paul Ince, Des Walker, Gazza, Alan Shearer, Stuart Pearce, Micheal Owen, David Platt

(Art of Football)
(Art of Football)

00s: Rio Ferdinand, Peter Crouch, John Terry, Sol Campbell, Paul Scholes, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Emile Heskey

10s: Jack Wilshire, Joe Hart, Harry Kane, Deli Alli, Jamie Vardy, Daniel Sturridge, Ross Barkley

(Art of Football)
(Art of Football)

For my five, I’m going with Ray Wilkins (because he scored this goal and was sent off during the ’86 World Cup for throwing a ball at the referee), Terry Butcher (because you need a guy covered in a ridiculous amount of his own blood), Paul Gascoigne (because Gazza), Peter Crouch (because he’s doing the robot), and David Beckham (because you never heard much about that guy).

Now it’s your turn! We’re giving away two shirts and to win, all you have to do is share your five picks and the reasons why in the comments below. Be sure to fill in the email field on the comment box with an actual email that you check so I can contact the winners (you will only be sent something if you are a winner of this competition and absolutely nothing else). I’ll pick my favorite two explanations on Thursday, June 16 — the day of England’s Euro group-stage match against Wales — so get your choices in before then.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Grant and Ben on being our winners and thanks to all who entered!


  1. DG says:

    Geoff Hurst (the only man with a hat trick in a World Cup Final, including a famous ghost goal against Germany), Terry Butcher (the only man to play a World Cup qualifier drenched in his own blood), Gary Lineker (the only man to shit himself on the pitch in a World Cup game), Frank Lampard (for suffering a reverse ghost goal against Germany in the World Cup, karma from Hurst’s goal all those years ago), and Jamie Vardy (because you just know something crazy is going to happen with him on the pitch for England in Euro 2016).

  2. DH says:

    Sir Bobby Charlton (for being bald before it was cool), Trevor Brooking (for being the voice of pro evo), Ray Clemence (cause he looks like a ref), Owen (cause he’s in the process of scoring one of the prettiest world cup goals ever), and Gerrard (cause Stevie G)

  3. Erskine James says:

    Since the title of this is 50 Years of Hurt, I decided to put my 5 as players who have helped with England’s anguish in some way or another.

    My 5:
    Ray Wilkins — for the red card against Morocco — helping England draw against the tiny country.
    Terry Butcher — for being dribbled by twice during Maradona’s most amazing goal.
    Peter Shilton — for being outjumped by a significantly shorter man in the Hand of God.
    Frank Lampard — for the ghost goal against Germany.
    Jack Wilshere — can’t have a shirt that is about “hurt” without having the man who lives on the injury table.

    Alternate substitute — (player not mentioned in your post that could have been here) —
    Rob Green — for the goal given up against US in 2010.

  4. Grant says:

    My 5 players are a mix of Heroes and Villains, I want a shirt tearing itself apart at the stitches (much a metaphor for the English sporting public and their national pessimism). Plus, Civil War appeared to do well in the box office, or something. “Heroes and Villains” sums up this English side in a nutshell, but which side will win the tie breaker?! Also, forgive me for being born in the 90s…

    First off, John Terry. Villain. Not much more to be said. Few divide public opinion like this man. I love him though (Chelsea fan), which really makes me a villain.

    Next, David Beckham. Hero. Watch the free kick that shook the world and don’t cry at least once.. I dare you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGuccP0SlnE (Also I’m pretty sure he reads this blog and I want Becks to send me some Scotch… I’m thirsty. Hey David!).

    Jamie Vardy. Villain. You think the Leicester story is cute now, just wait until he punches you at a bar for looking too long at his arm cast. Also most likely to play a henchman in The Dark Knight… or least likely to play the next James Bond. Dealer’s choice.

    Terry Butcher. Hero. Of course I want a shirt featuring a man covered in his own blood, I’ll admit it. Who here has bled on the grass for their country? No, holding onto a firework too long over the 4th of July doesn’t count. Really should though. Come to think of it, I’ve bled a lot for my country. This barbecue set isn’t going to assemble itself.

    and finally…..
    Crazy Joe Hart. UNDECIDED. Is he a brilliant keeper that can help lead England to moderate success? Yep. Would you want to be alone with him behind you in line at the DMV? Absolutely not. Did he have a hand in denying Manchester City the title? Yay! Does he probably scream in the mirror every morning to remind himself of his own mortality? Probably. The Supreme Court is tied over this one. Thank goodness Sepp Blatter isn’t picking the next nominee.

    Cheers Brooks!

  5. Mike Bianconero says:

    My picks are Bobby Charlton (because his comb over is fantastic), Peter Crouch (because Crouchy’s ‘aving his Nachos), Emile Heskey (because he has scored more Premier League goals than Messi), Terry Butcher and Paul Ince (because they look like they tried to cut their hair with a lawn mower).

  6. Francisco says:

    crap, i don’t think my first reply went through

    well here we go again

    Gary Linekar obviously – Although I would prefer the image of him scooting across the pitch

    Lamps for three reasons
    1- His goal vs germany
    2- He had enough restraint NOT to murder the ref afterwards

    Michael Owen for that run vs Argentina…to this day it is breahtaking.

    Geoff Hurst because he orders beers two at a time.

    and Paul Scholes since Bert Tiddle isn’t on this list.

  7. Lid says:

    Shearer – for being a Geordie
    Wilshere – for being a friend and holding your cigarette at a party
    Alli – for compensating great goals scored with a boring celebration
    Lineker – for fertilizing the pitch
    Gazza – beacause Gazza

  8. Vasile Virginia Narcisa says:

    Jimmy Greaves – he is England’s fourth highest international goalscorer;
    Joe Hart – he is a nice guy and… I like Manchester City!
    Deli Alli – he participated in U17, U18 and U19 for England (very talented this guy!)
    Gary Lineker – I like him because he holds England’s record for goals in FIFA World Cup finals, with 10 scored;
    Kevin Keegan – he captained England at the 1980 Euros.

  9. Andiana says:

    I like:
    • Gordon Banks because he made 628 appearances during a 15-year career in the Football League, and won 73 caps for his country.
    • Stan Bowles because he scored his only international goal in a 2-0 win over Wales at Ninian Park in 1974.
    • Micheal Owen because I remember him from World Cup in 2006 when I was… 8 years!
    • Jack Wilshire because he is the 10th youngest debutant in England’s history! (yes, 10!!!)

    And, finally…
    • Daniel Sturridge because I remember him from FIFA World Cup 2014 when he scored against Italy! (Italy was my favourite)

    And others, but here must ONLY 5!

  10. Ben Lee says:

    FFS, it’s been a solid 7 days but I still haven’t had any 5. I’m just going to fire away with guys who I just want on my freaking shirt.

    Allan Ball – Look at those luscious locks. If you had hair like that now with his talent, you’d be allowed to wine and dine in Pirlo’s table with the man himself and Davide looking at you approvingly or menacingly. Which one, Pirlo doesn’t even know.

    Terry Butcher – Of course, why shouldn’t you include the guy. Every guy who looks at your shirt would always ask who the hell is that blood-soak madman. You just tell them that he was a footballer Artur headbutted to bleeding smithereens after traveling back in time to face the corn menace.

    Stuart Pearce – AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want the sweetest freaking most cathartic celebration of a made penalty ever in a penalty shootout on my shirt.

    Steven Freaking Gerrard – The guy who essentially is the reason for either the best or worst decision in my football-loving life. Prior to 2010, I enjoyed being a football atheist. I can watch a whole lot of games without supporting a football team although I did hate some. Watching the games on their own merit was nice and, for roughly a decade since Zidane blew my mind off as a kid in 1998, it was my M.O.

    Following football was rough in my country where Basketball is King. So I was never choosy every time I get to watch a game. Started with the International Tournaments and Friendlies, then the CL but I never bothered following religiously domestic leagues til 2010. The world cup coverage that year was awesome. Got introduce to blogs like DT at the time.

    To cut it short, I craved following more football now that I had the means. Domestic Club Football was the next step. I decided that I needed to follow/support a team. I wanted to feel it. I know what its like to support other sport teams on their ups and downs. I wanted the same in football.

    The Prem was the place to do that with the unending literature it had plus I was reading too much of Bill Simmons at the time. Zidane never played here but, to be honest, I never wanted to do anything with his former clubs. They screamed glory-hunting to me.

    Then came Gerrard, I’ve always love him. That Istanbul game were forever marked in me. He’s not perfect and he may have beaten someone because of Phil Collins but I utterly liked him. I decided that I’ll support his team especially when I realized I cared about them when they were briefly in the relegation zone. Over time, my support for Liverpool became more of the club and less of him. Still, it was him who swung that vote for me.

    He has left Liverpool now but with all those memories, painful and otherwise. Still a Liverpool supporter for better or worse.

    Oh my freaking gawd, this was supposed to be short but it ended like a freaking monologue.

    Peter Crouch – I was about to put John Barnes here because we have the same tree-trunk thighs but then I saw Crouchie Dancing the Robot. Good Times.

    • Ben Lee says:

      Great. Made the mistake of putting ball for Ray Wilkins. Not going to pretend I know anyone in the 60’s and 70’s. I honestly just wanted that action shot with his hair.

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