Venezuela’s attempts terrible Panenka at even worse time

You’re down 2-0 to mighty Argentina in the Copa America quarterfinals. You’ve been awarded a penalty and now you have a golden opportunity to cut your opponents’ lead in half and turn the momentum. If you’re Venezuela’s Luis Seijas, a man who is completely insane, this is a perfect opportunity to show off your nonexistent Panenka skills.

Naturally, Argentina keeper Sergio Romero caught this abysmal attempt with the minimum effort possible and now Seijas is an international laughingstock.

It takes big brass balls to attempt a move like this at a time like this. Unfortunately, Seijas made it look like he was kicking a big brass ball, too.


  1. CJ says:

    You have run up to the ball as if you are going to whack it hard and low and then just chip it down the middle. He clearly didn’t fool Romero….

  2. Cap. Caveman says:

    He does have “Panenka skills” he has score that way on Copa libertadores, and that is the problem, after the Colombia Peru game went to PK’s Sergio Romero spent some time on Youtube and study the other guys a little, if you know is coming the Panenka is useless

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