Animated highlights of Euro 2016 more beautiful than the tournament itself

Euro 2016 won’t go down as the most entertaining or enjoyable for anyone but Portugal fans, but this animated short by Case Jernigan turns it into a work of art. Plus, it’s only two minutes and 17 seconds. No extra time necessary.


  1. Francisco says:

    Kind of messed up how only the English got lambasted for violence while the Russians were not even included in the video.

    And you’re right, us Portuguese did enjoy this tournament!! In true Portuguese fashion, it made us suffer, but had a happy ending!!!!

  2. Neil Le Milliere says:

    Same comment really, what appeared to be state sponsored violence outside generally and inside a stadium by the Russians and it doesn’t get a mention but the targets of the violence get the usual easy vilification. Ruined for me what was otherwise a brilliant short film.

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