Luis Suarez doesn’t want footballers talking about all the things he does to them on the pitch

Following a challenge that left his opponent with a bloody hole in his foot, Luis Suarez reportedly shouted “You dived, clown!” at Atletico Madrid’s Filipe Luis. Shortly after the match, Luis shared a photo of the damage Suarez did to his foot on Instagram, along with the caption “At least he didn’t touch me!”

Menos mal que no me toca! 🙈

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This did not please Suarez. From ESPN FC:

Asked about the Brazilian left-back’s decision to publish the photo, Suarez told reporters: “Football is for men.

“Everything stays on the pitch. If everyone uploaded what happens [on the pitch to social media accounts] the game would become a circus.”

At this point, it should be obvious why Suarez doesn’t want footballers revealing what happens on the pitch. Because that’s where he bites and racially abuses them. If it weren’t for his victims, their big mouths and their social media accounts, he wouldn’t have served months and months worth of suspensions and have an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to his many controversies.

Luis Suarez isn’t going to change his “manly” behavior, so he’d like everyone to kindly shut up about so he doesn’t get punished for it again.


  1. ikool says:

    Got to say Brooks, this post was badly done and below ur usual standard of good researching. First, suarez got a yellow for the foul so it wasn’t unpunished. Second, Felipe has done this ‘show my injury’ on instagram before. Third Felipe made a horrendous tackle on turan, in the same match and did so to Messi last season then went on media to say it wasn’t a bad tackle. Fourth, this is suarez’s 3rd season without any incident, and even the site u reference has no dirt on him since 2014. Isn’t it about time we realise the ‘bad guy’ suarez theme has gotten old? I guess we are not happy he has become a better person. Bad for media, right?

    • Brooks Peck says:

      To address your points, ikool:

      1. I didn’t say he went unpunished, but Suarez’s thinking appears to be that Filipe Luis posting this could get him in more trouble either with the league in the form of a suspension or with the public in the form of bad press.

      2. What does it matter if Filipe Luis has shown injuries on Instagram before? Suarez accused him of diving, so Filipe posted this as a way of saying, “no, I didn’t.”

      3. I’m not saying that Filipe Luis is an angel, but he’s also not telling Turan and Messi they should keep their mouths shut about what he did to them.

      4. When one bites three different people over a span of four years, there is no statute of limitations on one’s bad reputation. He’s proven it’s just a matter of time before he does something else. I’m pretty sure Suarez said something similar about his belief that players shouldn’t talk about what happens on the pitch after Patrice Evra called out his racial abuse, so the fact that he maintains this philosophy doesn’t show a whole lot of personal growth.

      • ikool says:

        thanks for replying
        1. but u didnt mention that he did, implying the challenge went unnoticed until felipe posted the image(“Luis Suarez isn’t going to change his “manly” behavior, so he’d like everyone to kindly shut up about so it doesn’t get punished for it again”), also we have video evidence of the foul but not what suarez actually said, i’m sure u know that spanish media(AS, marca, sport, MD) dont always tell the truth furthermore where do u get the idea of suarez’s thoughts? laliga unlike the BPL doesnt punish players solely on video evidence, talk less of an instagram post and do u really think he is scared of bad press after all he has had in the past? suarez even did an ad which made fun of his diving and competitive attitude. its on youtube
        2. loads of players accuse others of diving even after a clear tackle. its so common place, just watch sergio ramos. the replay was there for all to see and it was clear. nobody needed to see the injury to confirm the foul
        3. are u suggesting Turan and Messi should have posted their injuires? football is a contact sport but fouls should be punished appropriately by the ref. unfortunately this doesnt happen sometimes but in this case, it was seen and appropriately punished so pls tell me what is the added benefit of showing of the injury? and why go on social media instead of reporting to the authorities if extra punishment is needed?
        4. 3 bites in 4 years, no bites or racial comments in the last 2 and a half years? plus speaking out about an abuse that wasnt caught on camera or heard by the ref is totally different from what felipe did. the alleged racial comment would have gone unnoticed and unpunished, the foul was noticed and punished
        what suarez is saying is very clear, footballers(proffesional and amateurs alike)frequently insult themselves(even their mothers and sisters), fight with their countrymen when on opposing teams but once the whistle is blown, all is forgotten. truly it would be childish if after every match, social media is filled with players posting insults and wounds they recieved during the match and please dont get me wrong, this does not include racial comments.

    • ikool says:

      i support barca and Messi is my favorite player but u wont find me commenting on joke/sacastic articles about the club, Messi or even CR7. i like them. On the other hand when u make an serious article that paints a player in a bad light even if he already has a bad rep, it should be unbiased and present all the facts, not just those that suit ur narrative.

  2. Brooks Peck says:

    By “punished for it again” I meant via suspension, but I should have made that clearer. Also, there is video of Suarez saying “You dived, clown.” Right here:

    Not saying Turan and Messi should have posted their injuries because, to my knowledge, Filipe Luis didn’t accuse them of diving in those incidents. So there was no need to. The added benefit of Filipe Luis showing his injury was to show that he wasn’t faking it. He showed it on social media presumably because he saw people talking about it. I don’t understand why this is so awful.

    And again, I’m not saying every player should do this after every match, but when the perpetrator accuses the victim of faking it, why not show that you weren’t? He even made a joke about the situation with his caption.

  3. bert says:

    Suarez is all man. I mean who couldn’t resist digging those buck teeth into another succulent male footballer. Throw some self loathing in there with his black grandfather = a wholesome ambassador for the beautiful game.

  4. Sandie Jalilu says:

    Barca is my absolute favorite team and I watch all their matches. Suarez has never been my favorite player (I’ve found it hard to forgive his handball against my beloved Black Stars at the 2010 World Cup). That said, I’ve had to re-evaluate my attitude towards the man. He’s a total, unselfish team player and clearly, from his behavior on the pitch, has worked really hard to change his past anti-social behavior. To watch him now as part of MSN is a joy and totally exciting. Mostly I enjoy your columns, however I feel this time a bit too much animosity from you to appreciate your usually hilarious writing. Finally, I’m a bit surprised by the depth of feelings shown, pro and con, from the responses to your column.

  5. Pcruz says:

    Usually love your columns. Didn’t love this one due to reasons already articulated by others above. Okay I’m a Barca fan and I’ve grown to love Luisito and his unselfish play and work ethic, so I’m biased! But usually these columns are taking the piss (to hilarious effect) and make me not take it all so seriously, even when it’s about my favourites. This time you could feel the animosity and it ruined the humour part quite a bit.

  6. MK says:

    Barca trolls… EVERYWHEREEEEEE!!! Thank goodness you didn’t involve Justin Bieber… site might have gotten shut down…

    I thought it was a great and informative post as always. Don’t let them strong arm you into following Xavi’s agenda.

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