Louis van Gaal calls Chris Smalling “Mike” while sitting right next to him

Calling one of their own players the wrong name is embarrassing enough, but when they’re sitting right next to you when you do it and have to correct you in front of a room full of reporters, it becomes far, far worse. That’s what happened to Louis van Gaal, when he called Chris Smalling “Mike Smalling,” leaving Chris/Mike to correct him.

Van Gaal seems to be making a habit of changing the names of things since he arrived in England, though. Last season, he called QPR “Queen’s Park Raisins.”

He also called Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino “Pochettini.”

This might just be his way of reminding everyone that he’s the boss and will call things what he wants to call them.

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  1. You know the memory is the second thing to go …

    Didn’t we just have the debate about concussions in players who play seriously very young?

    And people say Petr Cech looks dorky in protective headgear. Imagine what LVG would be like if he could have played for as long as he’s been managing.

    Excuse me while I check to see if I’ve still got all my marbles, One! Two! Yep, still there.

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