Jose Mourinho has “nothing to say” after loss to Liverpool

It started off well enough for Chelsea with Ramires putting them up 1-0 against Liverpool in just the fourth minute, but the quagmire this season has become for the club eventually swallowed them up. Liverpool came back to win 3-1 with their last two goals taking deflections off Chelsea defenders.

This gives Chelsea an astonishing six losses in their first 11 matches ā€” the worst start to a Premier League title defense ever.

After the match, Mourinho was adamant about how speechless he was, saying “I have nothing to say” no less than a dozen times. He did later add that he will forge ahead, though (unless Roman Abramovich intervenes).

Meanwhile, Jurgen Klopp is all like…

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  1. ikool says:

    Jose mourinho thoroughly humbled. No witty remark. No veiled insult/criticism of another manager, no factual list of all his achievements

  2. Francois Toure, Car Salesman says:

    Mou finally exposed as just an overpriced babysitter. When they’re winning he couldn’t take more credit. And when they’re losing?? “No comment” Hahahaha!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    What he should’ve been saying is “I’m thanking my lucky stars that there are no big managers currently out of jobs who would even consider coming to work for Abramovich.”

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