Papy Djilobodji banned for amusing throat slit gesture

Werder Bremen defender Papy Djilobodji (on loan from Chelsea) did the old pro wrestling face rake move on a Mainz opponent on Saturday and when the guy went to ground, he looked at the downed man and ran his finger across his throat because…I have no idea why.

Djilobodji was shown a yellow card during the match, but the referee missed this gesture, so the Bundesliga reviewed it and handed him a three-match ban.

Still, the question of why he did this in the first place remains. Was it pent-up aggression from spending so much time on Chelsea’s bench earlier this season? Was to signal his finishing move? Did the Mainz player make a disparaging remark about Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in The Revenant? Who knows.

UPDATE: Djilobodji successfully appealed his punishment and got it reduced to a two-match ban and €15,000 fine. He likely accomplished this by staring down the DFB disciplinary board and making a throat slitting gesture.


  1. bert says:

    Because Papy is a real tough guy. Apparently being 6’4″ and outweighing his 5’5″ opponent (de Blasis) by 50+ pounds isn’t enough.

    • bert says:

      He also has 5 yellow cards in 9 matches during his brief time in the Bundesliga. He’ll move into Suarez territory soon enough.

  2. Nick says:

    An immature move considering SVW is in a relegation battle. He is going to miss those two games plus a third for picking up all those yellows.

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